Dar Al Shifa Clinics


Dar Al Shifa Clinics are located in Midan Hawalli, Baghdad streat behind Al Shaab Park    +965 22205777

Dar Al Shifa Clinics

Dar Al-Shifa Medical Center is considered one of the most important medical centers affiliated to Dar Al-Shifa Hospital. Its importance lies in it being an extension of Dar Al Shifa Hospital and in providing all medical specialties and dentistry specialties.

The center was established more than 10 years ago with a goal of providing the best medical services by a group of the best doctors in all specialties.

Mission, Vision & Values

  • Mission: 
    We are committed to inspire hope and provide unparalleled patient experience to all we serve, driven by innovation, expertise and resilience.
  • Vision: 
    To be the most trusted regional healthcare partner and destination of choice for talents across the globe.
  • Values:  

    Welcoming: We want you to feel at home.

    Ethics: We act with integrity and transparency.

    Compassion: We act with empathy & care.

    Advocacy: We are your voice.

    Responsibility: We hold ourselves accountable.

    Excellence: We strive for perfection.

Medical Departments

Dar Al Shifa Medical Center has the following sections:   

  • Ophthalmology Department:
    The Ophthalmology department is distinguished by the presence of consultants specialized in the treatment of all ophthalmology and vision problems, in addition to the presence of a consultant specializing in pediatric ophthalmology and surgery.
  • Pediatrics Department: 
    The Department of Pediatrics is characterized by the presence of consultants, specialist doctors and a specialized nursing team to take care of children in addition fully equipped patient observation rooms, Special waiting area , as well as children play room.
  • Dermatology & Beauty Department:
    The center is characterized by a group of skilled dermatologists and beauticians in addition to skin specialists, where everyone works as an integrated team to provide the best medical services in luxurious surroundings with a beautiful sea view. The department provides the latest technologies in slimming devices, skin tightening and advanced facial treatments.
  • Orthopedic Department:
    The orthopedic department includes consultants and specialists in the treatment of fractures of various types, various bone diseases and spine conditions, with the readiness to perform orthopedic and spinal surgery, assisted by the Department of Radiology supported by various types and latest devices.
  • Obstetrics & Gynecology Department: 
    The Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology includes a group of doctors specialized in caring for pregnant women in addition to:
              • Monitor the fetus
              • Advanced imaging equipment.
              • Special section for pre-and post-delivery exercises. 
  • Radiology Department:
    The Department of Radiology is one of the medical support departments under the supervision of specialized doctors and technicians in addition to the latest devices.
  • Endocrinology Department:
    The Department of Endocrinology includes consultants specialized in the treatment and follow-up of endocrine diseases, diabetes and growth problems in addition to obesity diseases.
  • Internal Medicine Department:
    The Department of Internal Medicine consists of a group of doctors who specialize in the treatment and follow-up of heart diseases, blood pressure and kidney and respiratory problems Supported By:
            • Blood pressure meters and remote heart rate
            • Devices measuring the proportion of blood oxygenation.
            • ECG devices. 

  • Emergency Department:
    Dar Al Shifa Medical Center provides emergency services in the internal and dental departments 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Pharmacy:
    The pharmacy was characterized by the availability of group of various medicines and the latest cosmetics and the best daily medical supplies.

    Our goal is to meet the needs of our patient. Our aim is to provide distinguished service to them and to pharmacy pioneers from all regions

    For this purpose the department has provided a distinguished pharmacy team to serve its patients with all satisfaction and dedication.
  • Laboratory:
    The laboratory provides all services and laboratory tests with the best specialists and technicians in addition to the presence of vein viewer devices. 

Dar Al Shifa Clinic Team:

Team Member


Dr. Musadak Hawwash

Consultant - Pediatric

Dr. Ramnarayan Ramachandran

Senior Specialist Neurosurgery

Dr. Sameer Al-Shammari

Consultant - Endocrinology

Dr. Adel Aljazaf

Consultant - Ophthalmology

Dr. Thamer Hamdan

Consultant - Orthopedic

Dr. Imane Belarif

General Practitioner

Dr. Mahmoud Rageh

Consultant - Ophthalmology

Dr. Noble Zachariah

Specialist - Internal Medicine

Dr. Reham El Barawy


Dr. Amr Hamdy

Internal Medicine

Dr. Amani Ibrahim

Dermatologist, Skin & Venereal Disease

Dr.Ahmed Nabil

Hepato-Gastroenterology & Endoscopy

Dr.Bilal Sakr

 Master degree in General pediatrics & Neonatology           

Dr.Fatma Alsherif

Internal Medicine

Dr. Nermin Mohamed Salama

 Obs & Gyne

Dr.Mohamad Hosni Shendi


Dr. Munira AlHusain


Dr. Asmaa Ali Hassan


Dr. Naima ElBaraka

Technician - Laser

Dr. Amani Hassan Noureddine

Radiology Registrar



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