CME Lectures

Education & Training

Dar Al Shifa is registered under Kuwait Institute of medical specialization (KIMS) that entitle its medical education offering for CME credit, 1 credit /hour. 

CME Lectures

DASH professional development unit (PDU)

  Professional Development Unit (PDU) provides a wide range of education and training opportunities to enhance the knowledge, skills, and abilities of DASH workforce.

PDU is keen to cater an array of educational and developmental activities that include but not limited to in-house training programs, national and international educational events, and management and leadership programs.

Our aim is to support the employees to become confident, responsible, reflective, innovative and engaged.

In addition to development of employees, we also cater corporate social responsibility by admitting student for research/internship activities with appropriate approval dictated by jurisdictions.   

Salient Features of PDU:

  • Training auditorium: is an ideal environment for training, well equipped with technical and technological means that help the trainer/presenter to deliver material in an efficient way. 
  • Online library: scientific resources catalyze positive difference in patient care and practice development.  DASH Intranet offers access to reputed evidence-base sites.
  • Training plan: includes but not limited to a wide range of training courses/workshops such as patient safety, fire safety, basic and advanced life support, emergency and disaster preparedness, occupational health and safety, and leadership courses for various levels of the multidisciplinary teams. In addition, trainings that enable staff to maintain a healthy work life balance are emphasized throughout the year.
  • Departmental training: is conducted at a departmental level to enhance the professional competence of the employee in delivering care and service to our customers. Departmental educational calendars are published monthly, and attendance is tracked to ensure that training is delivered to the targeted audience.
  • Scientific conferences: based on the community needs assessment and in collaboration with DASH workforce, PDU facilitates national and international scientific conferences that promote evidence base practices and implements them for the betterment of Kuwait community. 
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    • Upcoming events : 
  • Internship and Research programs: PDU caters internship program/research studies that are feasible within the scope of DASH services and as per jurisdiction. The university students are provided with an opportunity to conduct their project work in coordination with various departments within the hospital. DASH professional development unit takes pride in announcing that many projects undertaken by university students have gained recognition at national level.
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Registration Process:

  • Those interested to have an internship at Dar Al Shifa Hospital, are kindly requested to visit the Professional Development Unit with a recommendation letter from the referring institution to complete formalities of application.
    The acceptance of the candidate shall be within 7 working days.
  • Pre-registration is encouraged for all events.
  • Contact us: for registering CME accredited events that might be of interest to you personally or as an organization and be a participant.

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