Dietary Department


Dar Al Shifa Hospital applies international practices to deliver quality healthcare services

Dietary Department

The Dietary Department at Dar Al Shifa Hospital provides a high quality of nutritional care in an effort to improve the nutritional status of individuals and modify their dietary behavior for healthier lifestyle. The Department is differentiated by its qualified team of dietitians that are highly competent in dealing with all types of medical cases with different age groups and usage of high-tech machines analyzing body composition to plan and achieve accurate outcomes. In addition, the Dietary Department is highly active in promoting health and wellness programs, whether in-house or in the community at large.

Scope of Services:

Ambulatory Services:

  • Individualized assessment and plan of care, ensuring successful outcomes.
  • Best fit Individualized diet programs for solving weight problems (gain or loss).
  • Diabetes special diet programs and education for children and adults.
  • Pregnancy Special Programs for good nutrition and weight management.
  • Special programs tailored for athletes.
  • Therapeutic diets for the treatment of Cardiac problems, Hypertensions, high blood cholesterol and Triglyceride levels.
  • Pediatrics tailored program for underweight & obese.
  • Diet for reducing uric acid levels.
  • Gastric diets (Irritable bowel Syndrome, Crohns, Ulcer, Reflux etc..).
  • Pre & Post Gastric bypass, band or sleeve gastrostomy diet. 

In-patient Nutrition Care:

  • Specialized medical nutritional therapy is provided by clinical dietitians to patients in critical units, patients with chronic diseases (diabetes, cardiac and renal), bariatric and post-surgery patients, pediatrics and obstetric patients.
  • Health and Wellness Promotion Programs

The Department is highly involved in training activities both for in-house healthcare providers and for the community, whether through school education programs, workshops or conferences. 


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