Dar Al Shifa Hospital applies international practices to deliver quality healthcare services

Anesthesia Department

The Anesthesia Department at Dar Al Shifa Hospital (DASH) provides a wide scope of services that include general, regional, spinal, moderate and deep sedation and pain management. The Anesthesia Services are available 24-hours a day throughout the year. A highly qualified, skilled and experienced team runs the department utilizing the state-of-the-art equipment and applying internationally recommended standards.

One important program of the department is the establishment of the Pre-Anesthesia Unit (PAU) which has dramatically optimized the patients’ experience undergoing planned anesthesia. A comprehensive assessment and evaluation of patients prior to anesthesia is vital to identify if the patient’s health condition fits for anesthesia or not and at the same time gives the patients the opportunity to clarify concerns related to both anesthesia and surgery.

Another important program is pain management in which all health care providers at DASH believe that every patient has the right to be free of pain. Pain assessment and management are provided utilizing internationally reliable scales and interventions that vary according to the age group of the patient. 

Scope of Services:

  • Pre-anesthesia consultation
  • Anesthesia for a wide spectrum of surgeries including cardiothoracic, neurosurgery, orthopedics, general surgery, plastic surgery, ENT surgery, urology, and obstetrics.
  • Obstetric analgesia services which are provided in the delivery suites.
  • Anesthesia/ Sedation for radiological investigations including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT).
  • Anesthesia/ Sedation in special procedure areas such as Endoscopy and Cardiac Catheterization Laboratory.
  • Acute and chronic pain management

Medical Staff

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