Enriching lives through functional independence

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation


To be the preferred choice of customers for highly cost effective Physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, that is provided with compassion and esteem, to enrich the quality of life of individual experiencing impairment and related disabilities due to disease or injury.


To provide treatment that empowers and heals by combining evidence based therapeutic protocol and technology with clinical experience in a caring, confidential and respectful manner.

Our  team have expertise in:

  • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation
  • Pediatric rehabilitation
  • Cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation
  • Women health 
  • Neuro-rehabilitation, with an emphasis on functional outcome and patient education.

Physiotherapy treatments that maximize your abilities might include Manual therapy, an injury specific exercise programs, electrotherapy, Hydrotherapy and education program.

Our physiotherapists are highly skilled healthcare professionals, committed to provide safe and effective rehabilitation services based on the latest scientific evidence. 

Exclusive “state of art” technology:

  • Hydro Physio Focus: Hydro physio Focus is the benchmark of hydrotherapy treadmills. It is designed to provide a convenient upright hydrotherapy treatment; this functional design has all the features required for effective therapy, rehabilitation and fitness using an aquatic treadmill. Patients of all ages and ability benefit from this easy to operate benchmark product.
  • Protec FMT: Dar al Shifa hospital installed the first floating manipulative therapy in Kuwait.Protec FMT is the only system that allows the therapists to employ mobilization, exercises and stretches while the patient is experiencing spinal decompression at the same time. The utilization of this system significantly improves the therapy outcomes and patient’s comfort.
  • McKenzie Repex: This exclusive design of REPEX was developed to address mechanical disorders of the low back using the McKenzie Technique.

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