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Diagnostic Imaging Center

Diagnostic Imaging Center Working Hours: 

 including Fridays and Public Holidays


To be a leader in providing high Quality Diagnostic Imaging services in the Region.


To provide all types of diagnostic radiology services and limited interventional procedures to all patients referred to us by qualified Radiologists and Radiology Technologists utilizing the most innovative equipment and technology. We are committed to provide our customers with timely and reliable findings while maintaining patient’s exposure to radiation to the minimum.

Diagnostic Imaging Center (D.I.C) of Dar Al Shifa is the first and only center in the entire Middle East which has achieved the highest standards of imaging and being awarded five times the American college Of Radiology (ACR) seal of Quality.

  • 2013 - CT scan ACR Accreditation and “Image Gently” logo for low dose pediatric CT imaging
  • 2014 - MRI ACR Accreditation
  • 2015 - Ultrasound ACR Accreditation
  • 2016 - Mammography ACR Accreditation 
  • 2016- Lung Cancer Screening ACR Accreditation


Scope of Services:

  • Flat Panel Digital Radiography and Fluoroscopy providing all types of X-ray and contrast examinations.
  • Digital Mammography ACR Accredited Screening and Diagnostic mammography.
  • Bone densitometry (DEXA).
  • Ultrasound imaging - ACR accredited Body imaging.
  • Dual Source Multi-slice CT scan - ACR accredited, awarded With “Image Gently “logo Adult and low dose Pediatric CT imaging -Body, Neuro, Coronaries CTA, Dual Energy scanning and MSK.
  • M.R.I services - ACR accredited Wide Open, High Field “Quiet” MR imaging for Adult and Pediatric patients- Neuroimaging, MRA, Body, MSK, Functional, Spectroscopy and Cardiac MR Studies.
  • Portable Digital Radiography and C-arm services

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