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Dar Al Shifa Hospital applies international practices to deliver quality healthcare services

Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department

Dar Al Shifa Hospital (DASH) being originally established as a maternity hospital boosted the capacity of the Obstetrics and Gynaecology department to be a pioneer in leading this specialty in Kuwait. This is reflected by the substantial number of successful deliveries (600 deliveries per month) we perform which makes us ranking the first among Kuwait private hospitals.

The department is run by highly skilled multinational medical team, nurses, paramedical staff and breast feeding educators. In conjunction with the obstetrics department are the nursery and neonatal intensive care unit which are 24 hours supervised by a highly qualified team of physicians and nurses. 

Our Facility

  • Eleven labor rooms that are vigilantly designed allowing multi model pain relief.
  • Dedicated operation theatre for caesarean sections.
  • Three and four -dimensional ultrasound for screening and diagnosing of maternal and fetal conditions.
  • Electronic patient educational tools.

Patient Experience

To ensure providing the highest level of care, support and comfort to our patients, we offer a wide range of services that help patients feel at ease such as:

  • Accommodating the patient’s request to have up to 3 family members attending her delivery.
  • Availability of luxurious smart post-delivery care rooms with I-pad navigation system.
  • Ability to continuously view the baby at the mother’s room via cameras installed in the nursery unit.
  • Celebrating the birthdays of the babies born at our hospital which gives us the opportunity to watch them growing up and share this bless with their families.

Scope of Services:

  • General Obstetrics Care: It provides a full spectrum of specialized services such as preconception counseling, diagnosis and treatment of recurrent pregnancy loss, and dealing with both normal and high risk pregnancy conditions including preeclampsia, heart disease, diabetes, infectious diseases, premature membrane rupture, twin pregnancy, preterm delivery, cord prolapse, and bleeding placenta previa.
  • Maternal and Fetal Medicine: Offers specialized pre-natal testing and diagnostic services including advanced obstetrical ultrasound, doppler, cardiotocography (CTG) and amniocentesis which aid in early detection of congenital malformation, chromosomal abnormalities and fetal distress.
  • Painless Labour: Expert Anesthesiology team available round the clock to provide epidural analgesia to ensure painless labor.
  • Newborn Care: Fully operational nursery unit where gentle, compassionate and safe care are provided to well babies by experienced neonatology and nursing team. All babies are screened for hearing ability. In addition, breastfeeding educators play a prominent role in supporting early initiation of breastfeeding.
  • General Gynaecological Services: It covers full spectrum of services ranging from routine gynecological examination to medical and surgical treatment of gynecological problems including endometriosis, menopausal problem, uterine fibroids, menstrual abnormalities, pelvic floor disorders, sexual dysfunction and sexually-transmitted diseases. The team is also specialised in performing diagnostic and operative laparoscopic procedures such as hysteroscopy, laparoscopically assisted vaginal hysterectomy (LAVH), myomectomy, ovarian drilling and dye test.
  • Reproductive Medicine: Women with various gynecological, hormonal, and reproductive disorders are provided with a wide range of clinical services including ovarian stimulation and highly successful assisted fertility program.
  • Preventive Health Care: Offers a range of screening procedures for early detection of breast and reproductive organs disorders such papanicolaou test (PAP smear test), colposcopy, loop electrosurgical excision procedure (LEEP) and cryotherapy for precancerous lesions of the cervix as well as vaccination against HPV infection.

Medical Staff

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