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Blood Donation Campaign 2019

In order to achieve community partnership and promote charitable, humanitarian and volunteer work, Dar Al Shifa Hospital organized a major blood donation campaign on Wednesday 20 March 2019 in cooperation with Kuwait Central Blood Bank.

The campaign was held from 12 noon to 8 pm and was attended by Mr. TalebJeraq, Chairman of Dar Al Shifa Hospital, Mrs. Nargis Al Yousifi, Board Member, Mr. Ahmed Nasrallah, Chief Executive Officer, Yousif Al Zafiri, Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Magdi Al-Nawawi, Medical Director, in addition to a large number of hospital employees and visitors, who numbered around 450 applicants.

It is worth mentioning that the outcome of the campaign after counting the applicants to donate and check their medical history and health status reached 355 bags of blood bags, making this campaign one of the largest blood donation campaigns in Kuwait

Diabetes International Day

Dar Al Shifa Hospital unleashed an awareness campaign on the Diabetes International Day which is annually held on 14th November, and it is considered an event of concern to more than 200 medical entity and institution in more than 160 countries. Thus, DASH arranged this awareness campaign in Al-Ahli United Bank to shed light on the importance and risk of this disease in addition to offering free medical check for the bank employees.

Patient Safety Event:

The Nursing Department of Dar Al Shifa Hospital arranged the event on 5th of October 2016, in the purpose of implementing the recommendations and practices adopted internationally to maintain the safety of patients.

A wide range of employees from various departments in the hospital participated in the event including doctors, nurses, healthcare providers, assistant services in addition to an effective and vast participation from patients and their families to focus on educating them about their main role in enhancing their safety.

Practical Drill on Evacuation on Emergency:

As usual every year, Dar Al Shifa Hospital carried out a practical drill on emergency and fire evacuation in cooperation with Hawally Fire Station, due to the concern of the hospital on continuous assurance of all its departments and employees’ promptness to face any emergency and to decrease the damage through adopting the highest standards of agreed upon safety and security.

All employees at the hospital participated in the drill, headed by the direct intervention team, which is a specified team from the hospital employees assigned to them the special missions in case of any emergency. This drill aims at providing practical training for all employees in general and the intervention team in specific and their missions include their knowledge of their duties and full awareness of all the required policies and procedures for prevention of fires.

Special Offers for Women on The Breast Cancer International Day

On the occasion of the Breast Cancer International Day, Dar Al Shifa Hospital offered a set of exclusive offers of medical investigations for the healthcare of women. The offers included exclusive discounts from the diagnostic imaging center at a rate of 50% on breast MRI, mammography and sonar in addition to benefiting from the additional discounts on bone densitometry. Besides, the laboratory department offered special discounts of 50% on CEA & CA 15.3 tests. Dar Al-Shifa Hospital showed great concern of providing special offers of 25% discounts on the elite investigations and the complete medical investigations for women. The offers included additional discounts from the dermatology department on laser hair removal sessions using the most up-to-date international laser systems, plasma (PRP) and Mesotherapy sessions.

The international week of breastfeeding:

On the occasion of the International Week of Breastfeeding, which is celebrated annually between 1-7th of August in more than 170 countries, Dar Al Shifa Hospital held an awareness campaign for encouraging breastfeeding and improving the nutrition of neonates under the slogan of “Breastfeeding is the key to sustainable development”.

The event included many activities related to breastfeeding and wellbeing of the mother and baby, where the breastfeeding educators of DASH provided pieces of advice and instructions about the importance of breastfeeding and its influence on the wellbeing of the mother and baby and the whole society, in addition to supporting and encouraging the working mothers to overcome the difficulties they might face. And they shed light on the effective role played by family members in supporting breastfeeding in addition to providing medical and nutritional consultations which are essential to the mother and baby.

Live Streaming on Social Media:

In a pioneering step of its kind in the healthcare section in Kuwait, Dar Al Shifa Hospital provides its followers through its accounts on social media websites a new service of direct medical consultations throughout the live broadcast, where the highly experienced consultant in the hospital, of varied medical specialties, reply all questions and enquiries from the patients directly; and this live broadcast is posted on Sunday and Tuesday weekly at 10 a.m.  

The Discounted Medical Services Package for The Holy Month of Ramadan

Dar Al Shifa Hospital announced its special packages on a variety of medical services during the whole Month of Ramadan. The packages include the services in the Ophthalmology Dept. at DASH including sight correction operations such as: LASIK, Femto LASIK, Femto Smile, and a set of medical investigations for men and women, laser hair removal, and all MRI services.

Industrial Engineering Dept. in the AMEU:

 Dar Al-Shifa Hospital welcomed and celebrated the students from the Industrial Eng. Dept. in the AMEU, who completed their own graduation project on developing the waiting services for patients in the Obs/Gyne Dept. in cooperation and coordination with the hospital administration, and the project scored the first position among the graduation projects at university, and it was awarded the first position by the KOC.

A Healthy Day at the AUM:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital, in coordination with the AUM, arranged a health awareness event within the university facilities for students and employees for two days, in which a set of medical services were offered by the various medical specialties and departments in the hospital. During this awareness event, the physiotherapy department of DASH offered some medical consultations and recommendations about working positions; the Continuous Training and Education Centre of DASH participated in providing a practical training of manual CPR to save patients until a specialized emergency team arrives; besides that the nursing department, in addition to the primary checkups to the audience, took the mission of health awareness through replying all the enquiries, distributing awareness & educational pamphlets. The Nutrition Dept. of DASH provided free consultations for the audience in addition to various recommendations on food safety at home, in addition to some entertainment activities. As part of the participation in the event, the Infection Control Team and the Homecare Team provided some entertaining educational games and procedures for home safety, which covered all the audience to prevent infection in the community.     

Asthma International Day:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital released the Asthma Awareness Campaign, within the hospital’s continuous efforts to spread awareness, increase knowledge of the disease, its symptoms, treatment methods, and prevention from getting recurrent episodes. During this day, the hospital offered many free investigations available for patients at the hospital, and the Internal Medicine & Chest Team offered various respiratory investigations and examinations, in addition to replying all enquiries from the audience.   

Mother’s Day:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital released the annual campaign on Mothers’ Day from Mar.21st, 2016 till the end of the month, during which Dar Al Shifa Hospital offered a set of exclusive packages on medical investigations specialized for the wellbeing of mothers. The Mothers’ Day package from DASH included special discounts from the Ophthalmology Dept. on sight correction operations including LASIK, Femto LASIK, Femto SMILE, the general medical investigations for women, Laser hair removal sessions, and DASH Nutrition Dept. offered exclusive packages on diets for losing weight.

National Days:

On the occasion of the National Days, The National Day & the Liberation Day, and the 10th anniversary of His Highness’s assumption to power, Dar Al Shifa Hospital announced their exclusive offers all over February 2016. They included exclusive discounts on many medical services offered at DASH in various medical specialties such as: sight correction operations (LASIK, EPILASIK, FemtoLASIK) at the Ophthalmology Dept., Mammography in the Diagnostic Imaging Centre, Bariatric surgeries at the Gen. Surgery dept., in addition to the general checkup packages for men and women.  

Hand Hygiene Awareness day:

 Due to the great concern in providing awareness and evaluating the proficiency of the medical team, the Infection Control unit and the Patient Safety Committee of Dar Al Shifa Hospital arranged the Hand Hygiene Awareness Day on Thursday corresponding to  28th of January 2016, which continued around the clock. 

International Day for Cervix Cancer:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital released the annual campaign for awareness and early detection of Cervix cancer, in which they shed light on the causes and factors of the disease and the prevention methods. The campaign continued all over January 2016, where the hospital supported all women with full investigations for cervix cancer such as HPV, high vaginal swab which shows any changes pre-infection with cancer or any changes in the nature of the cervix cells and the organ itself, in addition to cervix sonar.  

Hepatitis international Day:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital released the annual campaign for awareness of hepatitis on the occasion of Hepatitis International Day. That day was specified to provide people with education opportunity and increase awareness of hepatitis as an international health problem, besides enhancing activities for procedures taken by countries in the whole world for the disease prevention and treatment. The campaign was between 26th -29th, July 2015, which aimed at raising awareness of the community about the dangers of hepatitis.   

Celebration graduates via social media:

As part of the hospital’s commitment to the community, Dar Al Shifa Hospital announced through its accounts on the social media about a competition for the best graduation photos as a celebration from the hospital for new graduates and to share their happy moments of graduation and as an appreciation for their efforts during the scholastic year, and the participants had a big opportunity to win one of the valuable gifts for the best three photos. The first gift was a LASIK operation, the second was hair removal session and the third was a teeth whitening session.   

Colon Cancer International Day:

Within its efforts to provide a better life for individuals and the community, Dar Al Shifa Hospital offered exclusive packages on the Colon Cancer investigations. The discounts cover colonoscopy, contrast colonoscopy, mainly due to the increase of colon cancers in Kuwait.

Quality and Safety Event:

On 15th of February 2015, Quality department of Dar Al Shifa Hospital in coordination with all hospital departments and in the presence of a huge number of hospital visitors arranged the first annual event for the quality and safety day, which aims for huge participation at all levels under the name of “Safety is Security”. The day included three educational sessions on quality and safety. During the event, 11 developing projects were displayed within the hospital using the FOCUS PDCA style.     

Blood Donation Campaign:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital held its campaign for blood campaign under the name of “It is not necessary to be a doctor to save lives  ... Donate blood”, in line with the call from Blood Bank to the community for blood donation to supply the necessary blood bank; Dar Al Shifa Hospital had prepared six beds for blood donation in a special site for women, and this campaign was a completion to the previous campaigns which were arranged and were highly successful in attracting a big number of donors. Worth mentioning is that the number of donors reached 50 in 4 hours, and a big number of hospital staff participated in the campaign in addition to the visitors and patients of the hospital.

Coloring Red:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital released the special awareness campaign about Heart Diseases through social media, based on DASH concern and belief in the importance of enhancing awareness about Cardiac Diseases for women, where these diseases are considered the main cause of female deaths in the world. During this campaign, all hospital pages on social media were colored with red, and relevant issues were tackled about heart problems. Also, the hospital encouraged the community to participate in this campaign through coloring red on social media, enquiring about this issue and providing their own opinions.  

High School Graduates:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital announced the special offer for high school graduates through the provision of opportunity to get 50% discount on sight correction procedures, LASIK and Epi-LASIK, to celebrate the new graduates and sharing their happy moment of graduation, to enable them face the challenges of actual life, whether it is physical, mental or psychological, to be able to start a new stage of their life at their best.   

Health Week in the NBK:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital participated in the Health Week arranged by the NBK for its employees. This participation was a part of DASH responsibility in enhancing continuous awareness to encourage healthy life style and healthy diet and habits. DASH offered free investigations for weight, height, BP, blood sugar, and fats of the body for the bank employees, in addition to free consultations from the dietician. Besides, DASH offered special discounts for employees on many services and investigations at DASH.

International Day for Ending Violence Against Women:

Under the diamond sponsorship of Dar Al Shifa Hospital, the forum for Kuwaiti female doctors in coordination with the Women’s Cultural and Social Society in Kuwait, arranged the walking marathon under the name of “Breaking silence, starting solution” to enhance awareness of the necessity of ending violence against women. More than a thousand women with their children participated in the marathon at the sea side at the Gulf St. The diamond sponsorship by DASH came in line with its social responsibility in supporting the awareness campaign released by the society to shed light on the phenomenon of violence against women, concurring with the International Day for Ending Violence against Women.

Child International Day:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital celebrated the Child International Day through celebrating birthdays of babies born in the hospital on the international day. A number of the hospital staff participated in the event, together with the representatives of pediatrics and nutrition departments, where they offered 15% discount on all available children vaccinations at DASH. During the event, a lecture was given by the Nutrition Dept. about the nutrition of children during the first years of their age (from 1-3 years), and the best food types for children in this stage and the best methods for feeding them.     

Industrial Engineering College in Kuwait University:

 Dar Al Shifa Hospital welcomed and celebrated a group of students from the Industrial Eng. College in Kuwait University, on the occasion of their provision of a set of study projects which were done inside the hospital for three months and under the supervision of an academic team from the university. During the celebration, the students presented a show about their projects which included an evaluation of many aspects of DASH activities, with suggestions to develop them, where the university professors and hospital administration discussed the projects with the students, which echoed the advanced level of students and acquired the audiences’ admiration. This cooperation with Kuwait University is a translation of the hospital’s commitment towards providing opportunities for Kuwaiti efficient youths to enhance their experience and enable them to set forth towards career success in the future.

Little Mothers:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital hosted a cultural activity for the group of “Little mothers”, which is a volunteering group concerned with maternity and children, and delivers awareness lectures for mothers about all educational issues that might help them take care of their children and enjoy their maternity. This visit was highly important in shedding light on healthcare of children and the effective role of mothers in this regard. Besides that, the event offered education to mothers for adopting a healthy diet system for their children to protect them against diseases. Around 60 children and 15 mothers participated in the event.  

The Celebration of the Kuwaiti Medical Students’ Association:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital in cooperation with the Kuwaiti Medical Students’ Association celebrated the silver anniversary of graduating the first graduation group of doctors from the college of medicine at Kuwait university. This event was held at DASH where the hospital hosted 118 students from the college of medicine and spent a comprehensive full learning day to instigate the spirit of one team and professional respect for the nursing staff, to show them closely the duties and challenges of the nursing staff in the hospital through practical work with nurses and patients in the hospital in the same place and same uniform, and entering the Guinness Record consequently.  

Successful partnership with I’M Strong Co.:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital entered into a successful partnership with I’M Strong Company for arranging and providing health and sport consultations for achieving ambitions in life. This company was represented in many awareness sessions, forums and programs, prepared by DASH and I’M Strong association as a program “ Lose 7 kilos), which aims at enhancing the physical and mental abilities of the community, and it is a health program for helping in changing the lifestyles of subscribers to better and healthier life. Also, they arranged an awareness session under the title of “Your Health in Ramadan” which was hosted by the Australian College in Kuwait; the session discussed many important aspects which are usually unknown to many of the community members during the Holy Month, which have a great effect on public health, in addition to a lecture about nutrition of pregnant women, pre and post-natal period.

The hospital and I’M strong association arranged the first Kuwaiti Camp for losing weight, which lasted 40 days , during which diet systems, sport programs and many activities were held and the participants succeeded in losing weight at a total of 40 KGs through their commitment to diets and instructions from the work team.    

Free Medical Services Tent at Marina Mall:

Dar Al Shifa Hospital set up a tent for free medical services at Marina Mall daily during the Holy month of Ramadan. During the event, many free medical services were offered to visitors, such as: taking their BP and blood sugar, together with giving medical advice and replying all enquiries, distributing brochures and free copies of Shifa Times magazine of DASH. Also, offers were made on LASIK, Epi-LASIK, cataract, artificial joint replacement surgeries and back surgeries.  

Shifa Times Magazine:

Shifa Times magazine is considered the first specialized medical printed and electronic magazine issued by a private hospital in Kuwait. It is worth mentioning that Shifa Times magazine includes, in addition to many internal news and activities of the hospital, many medical issues and various recommendations in many medical specializations as DASH always strives to enhance public awareness of health issues in all possible ways and means in line with responding to its social commitment and responsibility to reach a better educated health community in all aspects and components. Also, it helps in maintaining readers informed about DASH, the hospital started the electronic service of Shifa Times online, where the readers may surf the electronic magazine on the hospital website or through one of the hospital accounts on social media (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram).

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